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26 December 2010 @ 12:43 pm
December 26, 2010. :)  

A day after Christmas, I decided to do a friends cut. =

Okay. So first of all, I decided to do this because I realized that out of all of my friends, only a few are communicating with me. I mean, I don't really care if I only have 2 or 3 people on my friends list as long as they give a damn about my journal. 

If you can't see
this post then, that's it; you're off my f-list. Of course, you can always add me again and give me a reason why I should add you back. It's just that I've been posting a a lot of personal entries that I think some of you don't really care about. >__<

If you're wondering why I deleted you, then it must be one of these reasons:

1.) An EMPTY journal. I hate that the most! =| Users that don't have anything on their journal. They add you just for the sake of leeching the stuff you're supposed to share to your friends.

2.) If you type LiKe tHiS aNd thAt. I really hate these kind of people! Can't you just type normally? I find it very irritating to the eyes. And typing like that is a sign that you are a very unintellectual person.

3.) If your posts are in languages I don't understand. Fyi, I can only understand English and Filipino; some Japanese, Chinese and Korean. If your journal entries are in languages other than that, then I totally don't understand what you're saying. So might as well delete you if I don't even understand a single word you're saying.

4.) If you added me then you haven't said a single word to me since then. Which means, I don't really know who you are at all.

5.) Lastly, if I think your posts are not to my liking. YES, I am this type of person. Of course, who wouldn't choose his/her friends right? If I find your posts not very interesting or if I think we won't be good friends, then hello f-cut! I'm sorry but I'm a moody person so I don't like being 'plastic' or I don't want to pretend that I like you as a friend when I actually don't, 'kay?

So that's probably all of it. But if you're not cut, then good for you! :D
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: Arigatou~ Sekai no Doko ni Itemo ♫♫