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31 December 2020 @ 10:42 am
credits to [info]hikary22  for the FO banner. :)


If not all, then most of the entries in this journal are f-locked.
I've made an
introduction post for those who want to know me better before adding me.

 Please drop a comment here in order to be added. Yoroshiku! 

EDIT#1: To those who are already part of my f-list. Check this out! It's my [FO] Introduction Post. I made it just for you guys. :)

EDIT#2: I've been receiving lots of random adds lately and I'm not really happy about. Just a reminder to all: I HATE RANDOM ADDS. Please do comment here first before adding me. Only then will I add you back. And that still depends on whether I decide on adding you back or not. *wink. ;)
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29 December 2020 @ 01:40 pm

Lucky you! JUMP shall escort you to my introduction post. :D
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27 April 2011 @ 11:44 am
MINNA! I have an incoming stock (brand new) of SUMMARY 2010 DVD. It will arrive maybe the first or second week of May. But since I already have my personal copy of the said DVD, I'm looking for a buyer. The DVD is usually sold at 3200PHP/75USD, but since I'm not profiting off this and I just want to have it sold immediately, I'm selling it at 2600PHP/60USD only

*Filipino and International buyers are welcome! For Filipino buyers, shipping fee would be 200PHP. And for international buyers, it will depend on your location. I can ship thru RegMail or EMS. Whichever you prefer. :)

*For neighboring countries, Malaysia, Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, RegMail usually costs 12USD and EMS costs 19USD. I have experienced shipping outside of the country to other ASEAN countries that's why I'm quite familiar with the rates. :D

To those interested, please PM me or just leave a comment here. You can also send me an email at mikacachopero@yahoo.com.ph or send me a text message (for Filipino buyers) at 09392304995. Thank you!
28 January 2011 @ 09:34 pm
Minna! NYC has revealed the release date of their new single, Yumetamago! In line with this, I'll be accepting pre-orders for the said single. :)


LE [Type A] - ₱1150

LE [Type B] - ₱ 1150

RE - ₱ 1050

**Buy all three editions and get them for just ₱3000!
**Prices are exclusive of shipping fee to your location.

Payment Method

*I accept bank deposits only. Either BPI or BDO deposit.


Since I don't really have free time, I won't be doing meet-ups. All items will be shipped. The fixed shipping fee would be ₱150
(max of 2 CDs only) to anywhere within the Philippines.

**3 or more CDs would be ₱200.

How to Order?

*Just send this order form to mikacachopero@yahoo.com.ph with "NYC New Single Order Form" as the subject:

Order Form

Full Name:
Contact Number(s):
Order and Quantity: [example below]
       LE [Type A]: 1
       LE [Type B]: 2
       RE: 1
Payment Method: (BPI or BDO)

**After receiving your order form, I will send you the payment details immediately. :)

Deadline of Orders: March 2, 2011
Deadline of Payment: March 5, 2011

**Items will arrive 2-3 weeks after the release date which is on March 9, 2011.
28 January 2011 @ 08:26 pm
Please look forward to the next batch! If you're still interested on ordering a shirt, please contact me by sending me an email at mikacachopero@yahoo.com.ph. Thanks!

MINNA! I’m going to sell replicas of NYC’s shirts, the ones they wore during the 61st NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen. Here are the details:

^ This is how the actual shirt will look like.
**It’s only Chinen’s because I’m biased. I had his shirt printed first. XD

For now, I will only be accepting Filipino buyers. Gomen ne? I’m not yet experienced with international shipping but I plan on doing so if ever I have another batch of orders coming up. :)

EDIT: International buyers are welcome! Please send me a message at mikacachopero@yahoo.com.ph so that we can discuss about the prices, shipping fee and other related stuff :)

There will only be TEN (10) slots for each member. But if I receive more than ten orders for each member, I will have another batch of orders after this. This will be like a trial batch.


So each shirt will cost ₱270.
**Price is exclusive of shipping fee to your location.

Since I am from Iloilo City, I will not be doing meet-ups; unless you’re from Iloilo too. There will be a fixed shipping fee of ₱150 to anywhere within the Philippines.


Available shirt sizes are: 16, 18, 20, XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. About the brand of the shirt, I’m not yet sure if I’ll be using American Plus++ or Judge. Either way, both brands are of very good quality. I’ve been using them when I have my shirt designs printed and they’re really good ones.
**I mentioned about the curvy shirts in before, but I decided not to add them to my options. I believe it will only complicate things more since not everyone knows their sizes when it comes to that kind of shirt. So I opted to stick with the “normal” shirt sizes.

How to Order?

Just fill up this form and send it to mikacachopero@yahoo.com.ph with “NYC Shirt Replica Order Form” as the subject.

Order Form

*Full Name:
*Contact Number(s):
*Order(s): (example below)
       CHINEN (1pc) size: 20
       YAMADA (2pcs) size: S
       NAKAYAMA (1pc) size: M
*Payment Method: (BPI or BDO)

I will respond to your message as soon as I receive it. I will send you the payment details and some other important stuff.

Payment Method

You can pay me through bank deposit. Either BPI or BDO. But I recommend BPI since there is no deposting fee unlike BDO, who charges ₱50 for every deposit. >___<
After sending me your order form, I will send you the details needed for the deposit.


The shirts will be finished 1-2 weeks after I close the order period, 3 weeks the latest. The shirts will be shipped to their respective buyers as soon as they are ready. The courier I will be using is Air21.

Deadline of Orders: February 19, 2011
Deadline of Payment: February 26, 2011

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Just send me a message at mikacachopero@yahoo.com.ph or PM me here in LJ or in my facebook account here.

Please be 101% sure before sending your order forms.

As of 02/01/2011, these are the number of confirmed orders (per member):

Nakayama: 5
Yamada: 8
Chinen: 8

Keep sending in your order forms! :D

ALSO! NYC has announced the release of their latest single, Yumetamago. So, I'll be accepting pre-orders for the said single. Please proceed to this post for more details! :)
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25 January 2011 @ 07:56 pm
Filipinos only.Gomen~ >_<

Minna, just a survey. I'm planning on selling replicas of NYC's shirts, the shirts they wore on their performance last December 31, 2010 on NHK's 61st Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

I already have a sample of the actual shirt, specifically Chinen's shirt. I will be accepting orders for each member's shirt. Please leave a comment here or PM me if you're interested. If I get atleast 15 orders, I will push through with this plan.

**The price of the shirts will depend on how many orders I get.

^ I'm talking about these shirts.

^ This is how the actual shirt would look like.

Since there has been lots of questions lately, here are some FAQ and my corresponding answers.

1.) How much would each shirt cost?

I'm not yet sure about the prices of the shirts since I still haven't finalized the number of orders I'll be getting. But it will be around 250PHP-275PHP for each shirt. The more orders, the cheaper the prices will be.

2.) What is the brand of the shirts? Are they of good quality?

Rest assured that the shirts are of the best quality. The shirt's brand is American Plus and the quality is pretty good.

3.) How about the shirt sizes?

The shirt sizes that are available are size 16, 18, 20, XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. But if you want your shirt to be curvy (a type of shirt specially designed for women), just inform me and I will provide you with a size appropriate for you.

4.) How much would be the shipping to....?

The fixed shipping fee to anywhere within the Philippines is 150PHP.

5.) Do you accept international buyers?

International buyers are very much welcomed. But of course, they should be ready to shoulder the shipping fee to their respective countries. Surely, the shipping fee will be much more expensive than the shirt itself. That's why I suggest that international buyers should look for fellow NYC/JUMP fans in their countries and they order altogether and have their shirts shipped in one package and they just meet up somewhere in their country to distribute the shirts. That way, they can save themselves from paying very high shipping fees.

6.) When will the shirts become available?

As I said before, I'm not yet sure if I will be pushing through with this plan. If I get more than 15 orders, then I might. But if ever I push through with it, the shirts will be shipped to their respective buyers 1-2 weeks after finalizing all the orders.

7.) How can I pay for the shirts?

You can pay me through bank deposit. I have accounts in both BPI and BDO. But I prefer BPI deposit since there's no depositing fee compared to the 50PHP charge in BDO.

**If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask me. :)

And for international buyers, please do contact me directly so that we can settle things easily.

As of 01/26/11, these are the confirmed number of orders:

Nakayama - I
Yamada     - III
Chinen       - II

If you're 101% sure about ordering, please inform me so that I can tally your order. :)

You can email me at mikacachopero@yahoo.com.ph or leave me a message on my facebook account

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26 December 2010 @ 12:43 pm

A day after Christmas, I decided to do a friends cut. =

Okay. So first of all, I decided to do this because I realized that out of all of my friends, only a few are communicating with me. I mean, I don't really care if I only have 2 or 3 people on my friends list as long as they give a damn about my journal. 

If you can't see
this post then, that's it; you're off my f-list. Of course, you can always add me again and give me a reason why I should add you back. It's just that I've been posting a a lot of personal entries that I think some of you don't really care about. >__<

If you're wondering why I deleted you, then it must be one of these reasons:

1.) An EMPTY journal. I hate that the most! =| Users that don't have anything on their journal. They add you just for the sake of leeching the stuff you're supposed to share to your friends.

2.) If you type LiKe tHiS aNd thAt. I really hate these kind of people! Can't you just type normally? I find it very irritating to the eyes. And typing like that is a sign that you are a very unintellectual person.

3.) If your posts are in languages I don't understand. Fyi, I can only understand English and Filipino; some Japanese, Chinese and Korean. If your journal entries are in languages other than that, then I totally don't understand what you're saying. So might as well delete you if I don't even understand a single word you're saying.

4.) If you added me then you haven't said a single word to me since then. Which means, I don't really know who you are at all.

5.) Lastly, if I think your posts are not to my liking. YES, I am this type of person. Of course, who wouldn't choose his/her friends right? If I find your posts not very interesting or if I think we won't be good friends, then hello f-cut! I'm sorry but I'm a moody person so I don't like being 'plastic' or I don't want to pretend that I like you as a friend when I actually don't, 'kay?

So that's probably all of it. But if you're not cut, then good for you! :D
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Mika-chan's Christmas present for everyone! :)

Hey! Say! JUMP performs Hitomi no Screen. Plus! Nakayama Yuma's special appearance, followed by NYC's performance of Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe. After which, JUMP performs Arigatou~ Sekai no Doko ni Itemo in the last part.

(biased)Yuri's super kawaii here!
Well sorry for being biased. >:)
I was shocked when Yuma appeared all of a sudden! It made me squeal. HAHA. :D

One video for all three performances. ENJOY! :D

**Download links: 
(270Mb) | .001 .002
(170Mb) | here
password: happyholidays

The video is in .mp4 format. I'm still converting it into .avi format. I'll upload the converted file as soon as it is finished.
EDIT#1: Converted! I'm currently uploading the .avi file on MF. But since the file is large, it might take a while. But please do wait for it. ^__^
EDIT#2: The .avi file has been successfully uploaded to MF! XD The links are posted above. :)
MF links ONLY. If I have time later on, I MIGHT upload it to MU. But if there's someone out there who's very kind to help me with uploading the files to MU, then that'd be great! Just tell me if you're willing to do so.
I'll update this post as soon as the .avi file is uploaded. Matte ne? :)

Comments are very much appreciated and loved.

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07 February 1994 @ 12:15 pm

{last edited: 12-12-10}

HEY, YOU! Yes, you. I don’t know how you managed to stumble into my not-so-interesting journal. Nevertheless, WELCOME! :)

First of all, I’d like to emphasize that I post about the most random things EVER. If you’re planning on adding me as a friend, then I’m warning you that I love posting, A LOT. So expect a lot of my entries to show up in your friends’ page. >:P

Moving on, my name’s Mikaela. You can call me Mika, Mika-chan or better yet, give me a new nickname! My mom gave birth to me on February 07, 1994. I was born and raised in the Philippines. Although I’m pretty sure I was Japanese in my past life. XD

i'm a Roman Catholic. and i'm proud to be one. i put God first before anything else. i love God. and i know God loves me more. ♥
{note: i believe that differences in religion are not supposed to be barriers in friendship. and i actually have lots of friends who are of different religions. so it doesn't really matter whatever your religion is.}
i'm from the Philippines. i was born and raised here. {but deep inside me, i know in my past life, i was Japanese.} XD

right now, i'm a university freshman at some random university here in our country. just kidding. if you really wanna know which university i'm attending, (again) just ask me. as a bonus, i'll tell you my course. i'm taking up BS in Accountancy. hell yeah! which means, i'll be in college for FIVE BORING YEARS. =| and i plan on proceeding to Law once i graduate from this major. ambitious, aren't i? a fangirl as a lawyer? now that's hilarious. LOL. x)


okay. so this is where i will tell you about the fangirl Mika.
my ichiban is ACTUALLY, i have two ichibans. i just can't choose between the two of them! >__<

                          YAMADA RYOSUKE


i must admit, i really don't have any plans on choosing between the two of them. i've tried it once, and damn! that was one of the hardest decisions i had to make in my life. and it still ended up with the both of them on top. :*))
{i'll be making another post about these two to make things more organized.lol.}

if it it's not that obvious yet, i'm a big fan of Hey! Say! JUMP. but i'm actually more biased on the temporary Hey! Say! 7. i couldn't get over the fact that they had to disband because HSJ was formed. T___T but that's all in the past. i love HSJ now! but still, the temporary HS7 will always hold a special place in my heart. ♥

i miss them so much that i really feel sad whenever i see their pictures in the past. =|
{i'll be posting another entry on this issue. i really miss them.}

and of course, who wouldn't love these three?! NYC! ♥
i was really excited when i heard about the news that the three of them will be debuting under one group!
Yuri and Ryosuke are my favorites in HSJ and Yuma was my favorite Kansai Jr. :DD

i really love the three of them! perfect combination~~! ^___^

NYC boys! ♥
i really think it's unfortunate that NYC debuted without B.I. Shadow~! >___<" i really liked Kento and Hokuto. =/

i'm also a fan of NewS. and my ichiban in NewS is Tegoshi Yuya. ♥

i fell in love with him the moment i heard his voice. (love at first hear? lol!)
but right now, i think i like Koyama as much as i like Tego. XD
actually, Koyama was my first love in NewS. i first saw him in Yukan Club.
and i was like *___* kakkoii~! hahahaha. :))

i also like Arashi. i fangirl them every once in a while. of course i have to! my Yuri's beloved Ohno-kun is there! XD

i fangirl almost all JE talents but of course i have my biases and those are the groups i have mentioned before hand. :))

OKAAAAY. so before i realized it, i have already made a very long post. >___<"
gomen for that ne? and thanks for taking time to read it! i really appreciate it. ^___^

oh! if you have any more questions about me, please don't hesitate to ask me. =))
and lastly, if you have time, please do introduce yourself too by leaving a comment here or by sending me a message. i would really love to hear about you. n_n

EDIT! If you are already my friend, please do read my [FO] Intro Post here. It's a longer version of this intro post. :)
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